Here at Forest View Dental SC, we are not only concerned about your oral health, but about your overall health. Our dentists and team consider the health of your teeth, mouth and gums in the context of how they affect the rest of your body, and each treatment we provide is carefully chosen to ensure that it promotes your oral health as well as your general well-being. To learn more about health dentistry in Appleton, Wisconsin, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas LaSelle, Dr. Thomas Grotenhuis and Dr. Stacey Madson, call us today at 920-733-1111.

Health dentistry, sometimes referred to as holistic or biologic dentistry, emphasizes an approach to dental care that focuses on promoting your overall health and wellness. Health dentistry treatments are designed to be biocompatible and minimally invasive, meaning that the care our dentists and team provide will work with your body to speed up your healing time and produce optimal results. Health dentistry includes everything from preventive care to managing gum disease and improving sleeping patterns. Health dentistry may also involve:

  • Metal-free dentistry, which involves using only composite, porcelain, ceramic, or other non-metallic materials in your fillings, crowns and other restorations
  • Amalgam removal to get rid of old silver fillings which contain mercury
  • BPA-free treatments, as this chemical (bisphenol A) can lead to localized destruction of hard dental tissues when used in your care
  • Use of digital X-rays and other digital imaging systems, which produce up to 90% less radiation than standard film X-rays
  • Use of chemical-free sterilization systems

If you have any questions about health dentistry or to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists, please contact our office and speak with a member of our team.

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