Our friendly and caring team of dental professionals is excited to meet you! Our team is committed to helping you and your family achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles, and we will do everything possible to help you feel at ease and make your experience at Forest View Dental SC comfortable. Give us a call today at 920-733-1111 to schedule your appointment with our dentists in Appleton, Wisconsin, Dr. Thomas LaSelle, Dr. Thomas Grotenhuis and Dr. Stacey Madson, and learn more about our services.


Office Administrator

I am proud to be associated with the dedicated, caring and professional dental staff and doctors of Forest View Dental SC. We all strive to provide our patients the best dental care with their comfort in mind. Our doctors and staff are committed to patients and our community. Forest View Dental SC participates in many community activities in the Fox Valley, including community dental clinics, teaching future dental hygienists and support for local school-age events, as well as fundraising for our veterans and their families.


Front Office

I love to meet new people every day! As the New Patient Coordinator, I strive to make every Forest View Dental SC patient’s first impression unforgettable for our patients of the Fox Valley. From our excellent dentistry to our amazing staff and customer service, I am truly confident in our practice. Come join us today!


Front Office

I enjoy greeting and meeting all the Forest View Dental SC patients and families that come through the doors. It is rewarding to see them leave with a smile of their faces. I am originally from Northern Wisconsin where I previously worked in the dental field, but I am really enjoying the Fox Valley and Forest View Dental SC because of the patient-focused practice.


Front Office

I have worked in dentistry for 20-plus years and enjoy being part of the Forest View Dental SC team, where I can assist with making patients feel comfortable, confident and educated about your dental care. I love helping people and providing the best service to each and every patient, from scheduling your next dental appointment, walking through a treatment plan/cost estimates, or working with you on how your dental insurance plan works.


Front Office

I enjoy working as part of the Forest View Dental SC team to help achieve our goals; getting to know our patients and making them feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment they first step in the door. I appreciate the welcoming family atmosphere that our practice has to offer both patients and staff.


Front Office

As one of Forest View Dental SC’s patient coordinators, it is great working with the doctors because of their passion for dentistry and patient care with comfort. My main role is to help ensure Dr. Grotenhuis’ patients are scheduled and help them understand their treatment plan and how their insurance applies to their treatment.


Dental Hygienist

Check back soon to meet Alyssa


Dental Hygienist

I have been a dental hygienist since graduating from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in 2004. I joined the Forest View Dental SC family in 2008, and I am so happy to be working in the Fox Valley. I find dental hygiene very rewarding, and I love being a part of a practice that focuses on patient care, comfort and education.


Dental Hygienist

I have been a hygienist for 35-plus years and am passionate about all aspects of dentistry and enjoy my profession. I strongly believe in patient education to maintain their oral health as well as improve their overall health. It is important to me that my patients are comfortable, happy and at ease while they are seeing me at Forest View Dental SC. I appreciate working for Forest View Dental SC because of the state-of-the-art office where patient satisfaction and comfort are a priority.


Dental Hygienist

I graduated in dental hygiene from Milwaukee Area Technical College in 2013, and prior to that, I was a dental assistant.

The most rewarding part of being a dental hygienist at Forest View Dental SC for me is adapting to patients’ needs, whether it is overcoming fear or anxiety. My patients not only leave educated, but there is a sense of relief as they were able to entrust me with their care. I look forward to working with all new and current patients!


Dental Hygienist

I started working at Forest View Dental SC in 2003. Helping people feel great about their smile is truly rewarding. I am very happy to be working in an office that places so much emphasis on patient respect and patient comfort.


Dental Hygienist

I am from the Fox Valley and have been with Forest View Dental SC since 1996. I pride myself with educating patients and making them feel comfortable with their dental visits. Hope to see you soon!


Dental Hygienist

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my Forest View Dental SC patient’s families, hobbies and health concerns. It is truly important to me for my patients to feel comfortable and cared about. Educating my patients so they understand what is happening and what I find is key to guiding them to their best oral and overall health.


Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, I enjoy making your every visit to Forest View Dental SC as comfortable as possible to help you feel educated and confident in your dental care. I look forward to meeting you!


Dental Assistant

I have been a dental assistant at Forest View Dental SC since 2018. I enjoy getting to know our patients and being able to make a difference in their smiles.


Dental Assistant

I strive to make my patients feel more comfortable while getting treatment done. I especially enjoy making children’s experiences more pleasurable and fun! Dr. Grotenhuis has been practicing orthodontics since 2007, and I have found it very rewarding watching our patients self-confidence transform as their teeth straighten into beautiful smiles! I have worked with Dr. Grotenhuis since 2001, and I know that he works hard to help our patients feel the same way.


Dental Assistant

I have been in the Appleton area since 1997 and have worked with Dr. LaSelle since 1997. I enjoy all dental procedures including implants, sinus lifts and the oral surgery side of dentistry.


Dental Assistant

I have been working at Forest View Dental SC since September 2020. My favorite part of my job is meeting patients, their families and helping patients smile again!


Dental Assistant

I have been working with Dr. LaSelle since 1999. I enjoy getting to know our current patients and meeting new patients. I like to see patients leave with a smile.

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